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Turntable Belts

A belt-drive turntable is an engineering work of simplicity and function, an electronic and mechanical instrument of music. It provides musical enjoyment that has yet to be accomplished by digital technology. Why? Because music cannot be encapsulated and defined by a series of ones and zeroes. There is something lost in the translation.

The Right Belt by ViVid
It is very tempting for turntable owners to accept whatever off-the-shelf belt is offered. Sometimes it works, often times not exactly. We have a strong working relationship with Elex Atelier and LP Gear. Together, our knowledge of belts is truly unique in the industry and our supply is extensive. We can supply replacements for ALMOST ANY BRAND AND MODEL turntable. Since 1995, we have been serving the record-playing communities around the world. Through the years, we have satisfied customers in North America, many parts of Asia, Australia, European Union, Russia, United Kingdom, Africa, South America and the world wide web.

Enumerated within each turntable manufacturer is a small sample of belts for specific models. If your turntable or model is not listed, see our FREE belt matching information below.

FREE Belt Matching Service
For your convenience, LP Tunes offers a free belt matching service. If your turntable is not listed, all you need to do is send us via e-mail your existing belt's type (flat, round or square), measurements specifically its length and width, and present working condition (e.g., stretched but still working or no longer working).

To measure your existing belt's dimensions, follow the procedures below.

  • If you have the turntable belt:
    State the type of belt used (Flat, Square, Round).
    Pinch both ends of the belt.
    Measure its length.
    Multiply the pinched length by two (2x).
    If the turntable uses a Flat belt, measure its width.
    If the turntable uses a Round or Square belt, measure its thickness.
    Please include the make and model of the turntable with the belt's measurements.
  • If you do NOT have the turntable belt or it is shredded:
    State the type of belt that the turntable uses (Flat, Round or Square).
    Use a piece of string to tightly follow the belt's path.
    Measure the length of the string.
    Measure the width between the rims of the motor pulley that the belt can pass through without obstruction.
    Please include the make and model of the turntable with the belt's measurements.

You may of course send your old belt to us for reference. Please do this only if your belt is not shredded. We'll do our best to find the correct replacement belt.